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The Vision 
The Archetypal Theatre comes from where theatre comes from: To engulf the audience in the larger experience. To convey myths and stories which seem closer to life than our daily experience.
Why? Because much of our life is rooted way beyond what we are taught to consider our society.and our culture. Especially as women, we have a deep sense of that, consciously or not. 
The Original Theatre dealt with our relationship to the world around us, in us, below us, and above us. It was an enactment of spiritual power. Our world today needs that and that will be our focus. 
Non-Profit Status
The Archetypal Theatre (TAT) productions will have the benefits of non-profit status under the umbrella of Shakti Moon Foundation whose Mission includes:
“To inform and educate about, facilitate, advocate, protect, mentor, and provide hands-on opportunity to develop and maintain, right relationship with the Source of Life in its many forms. This specifically shall focus on the Earth and Nature that nourish all, on Woman as the holder of community and the future, and on further generations. 
Intent and Style of TAT
A look at previous productions may be the best way to convey a sense of TAT’s intent and style.
Previous Productions:
The Archetypal Theatre is a new iteration of what was first established in 1989 (see Selected Previous Productions below).
Voices from the Cauldron
This 1989 production was a collaborative collection of original pieces based in myth, dream images and personal experiences. They were thematically woven together by giving voice to women’s common experience of facing and surmounting society’s disempowerment of the female experience. The pieces were written and performed by Vajra Ma (then Judith Piquet), Jayne Atkinson (House of Cards; Criminal Minds; 24) and Beata Pozniak (Marina Oswald in Oliver Stone's "JFK").
Sex and Peace: a Sacred Dance Performance of Woman
An article describing content and arc of the show can be found at  here
The show’s thesis: the more woman is denigrated in any given society, the higher its prevalence of  violence and war, was prescient of what was to emerge in overwhelming proof in the Columbia University Press 2012 book Sex and World Peace by Valerie Hudson, Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill, Mary Caprioli and Chad F. Emmett.
“The very clear thesis of the book is that the very best indicator and predictor of a state’s peacefulness is not wealth, military expenditures, or religion; the best predictor is how well its girls and women are treated.” Quoted from: ¨“What Does Sex Have to Do with World Peace”, MS. Mag, interview with author Valerie Hudson by Soraya Chemaly.
Future Productions
A look at the work of artist Lauren Raine will illustrate the mythic, archetypal quality and level of artistry we envision for TAT. We and Lauren are mutually exploring the possibilities of future collaboration. See www.Masksof the Goddess.com.
Material may include classics such as Euripides “Trojan Women”, modern plays or adaptations such as Osacar Wilde’s “Salome” and original plays. pieces. What comes from the Theatre depends on the passion and creativity of the women involved!
Women actors will be the core of TAT, with male actors occasionally invited for specific productions. 
Creativity and innovation is the limit!
Founders Vajra Ma and Wolfgang Nebmaier
[Please note: Vajra Ma’s IMDb and other credits before 2000 will be found under her former name Judith Piquet.]
Vajra Ma and Wolfgang Nebmaier’s theatrical bios in essay form, plus Vajra Ma’s acting and directing resumes in traditional format, go here.